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About the article:

Daily hunt App– Today we will give you information about what is LinkedIn and how to create an account on LinkedIn, we hope that you will like our post like last time, friends, you all know that today is the time of internet and Many people in the world use the Internet.

Why do we use the Internet? We use the Internet so that we are connected to each other and Social Media is a platform where you will get lots of friends.

There are many big companies that use social media for their promotion, you will find many social media sites or apps on the internet, one of them is LinkedIn.

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About the application:

Friends, let me tell you that LinkedIn is one of the popular social sites. LinkedIn was created on 14 December 2002 and it was launched on 5 May 2003. The use of this social networking site is increasing daily.

LinkedIn is one of the Largest Professional Network in the world, we all know very well that very big social sites like Facebook, Twitter are already present on the internet.

Then why should we use LinkedIn so here you tell us You can search for a job.

In this, once your Resume is uploaded, you can apply for a job in a company as per company requirement, LinkedIn has more than 50 lakh members and is in more than 200 countries and every 500 company executives are included in it. .

So friends, we have now known what is LinkedIn In Hindi Now we tell you further about LinkedIn Account Create Kaise Kare, so let’s know about it.

How to download Application:

To download LinkdIn, first of all go to the Play Store, go there, click on the search button and type LinkedIn, after clicking on LinkedIn you will see an install icon.

Click on that icon to download. Now your application has been downloaded, after downloading it you will find it on your home screen.

Daily hunt App

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How to use this application?

Friends, creating an account on LinkedIn is very easy, if you want to create your account on LinkedIn, then follow the steps given by us.

Go to LinkedIn

To create an account on Linkedin, first click LinkedIn and link LinkedIn to khole

Click on sign up
As soon as you visit the site of LinkedIn, you will see the page of Signup (Join In). Click on it

Fill Sign Up Form

Now you have to fill your details in the signup form.

  • Enter your First Name.
  • Enter your Last Name.
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Enter at least 6 Digit passwords.
  • Then click on Join Now.

Click on Verify Code
To retrieve the code, select one of the two options.

Choose Country.
Enter the mobile number
And click on Send Code in the last.
Enter the code you sent to your number and click on Verify Code. After verifying the code, you have to select your country and after that you have to enter the Postal Code.

it is optional, you can give the Postal Code or not and if you want to give it, then do not give it. Then click Next.

Daily hunt App store

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Enter Professional Details

Here, you have to fill the details related to your Profession as if you are a student or work.

If you are a student, click Yes.
On this you have to give your college name, in which you are studying.
Now you have to give your degree, the degree of which you are doing.
After the degree you have to give specialization.
In the Start Year you have to give which year you have started your degree.
In the final year you have to give by when your degree will be finished.
If your age is 18 years, then click Yes.
After this, you click on Next.

Select category

After clicking on Next, now you have to choose what you are interested in. We choose Building My Profession Network here. After choosing, everyone’s process remains the same.

Click on Permission Allow

In this step, if someone can help you for your job by contacting your Email ID, find out if your email is checked once and if it is correct then click on Continue.

As soon as you click on Continue, you will have a Pop Up Open to find your email. Here you will be asked for Permission, you just need to click on Allow.

If you can do this, then if someone can help you with contact, then you will show his profile and otherwise the page with step 7 will show it, skip it and do it.

Verify Email

Now you have to click on Go To Your Google Inbox to verify your Email ID.

Now you have to login your email ID, after login, you will get the message of LinkedIn, open it, if you do not get the message, then check in social and if you do not get it then click on Resend Mail.

If you have an email from LinkedIn, then click on Confirm Your Email Address.

As soon as Confirm Mail is done, your LinkedIn Account will be created, now you will reach the Home Menue of LinkedIn where you will give your name and password and click on Sign In.

Features of linkdedIn:

You can find jobs related to your work within LinkedIn and contact the company directly. If your profile link

If you are good in design, then the company will offer you a job from the front. Within LinkedIn, you must tell your educational details, your work experience so that people can know about you, know about your profession.

If you also have a business, you can also promote it in LinkedIn. You can also choose the right employee for your company.

We can also increase our business in Facebook, but to increase business here means good employment for your company is being talked about.

You will benefit greatly by following professional people on LinkedIn and making your professional life and work available to people.

In today’s time, LinkedIn has also become a job providing platform. People are now searching directly inside linkedin to find jobs.

If you have a website, then you can promote that website on this platform too.


Yes, friends, how did you like our Post LinkedIn Meaning in which you taught us how to create LinkedIn Account, we hope that you will like our post.

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