Files by Google App Review 2020

Files by Google App

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Files by Google App – Every day, millions of smartphones go out-of-space. While phones with 16 GB or 32 GB storage are becoming more popular in India, in some phones, this space is often less, often 4GB.

Now every day shelling of WhatsApp photos and videos on your smartphone space, you often have to delete them to empty the space.

Due to this quickly ending space, many times your phone starts getting hanged. And when you need something, you are hard to find. Your phone goes down and may even crash.

That is why today I am excited to share with you an app whose first approach is to free your smartphone space. It helps in fast searching of files. Also you can share files directly with your friends from this app. And the best part is that it has been developed by Google.

About Files by Google

What is Files by Google:

Google’s new Files Google app is designed to free your smartphone space. This app suggests users to delete files that can free up memory space. These include unused apps, large files, duplicate files or low resolution videos that are detected by Google’s Mobile Vision technology.

Google’s app has direct access to your phone’s downloads, live files, apps, images, video, audio and documents, so that it can offer suggestions to empty the space.

For example, it can tell you how much space you can free from your app cache, unused apps, large files, and downloaded files. In addition, if there is more SD card space, it will also offer to move files to the SD card.

Apart from helping to free up memory space, the Files Go app also includes smart filters, in which you can fast search a particular file or folder.
Most notably, with this app you can also share files like SHAREit with your friends.

And it also has a great feature in which you can keep any of your private file in a safe folder. And you can put a pin lock over there, so that no one can see your private file.
Is the funniest feature.

Files by Google App

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Features of Google files App:

Files Go has many features, with the help of which you can free your device’s space.

  • WhatsApp Media:
  • Every day on WhatsApp, you get many messages, which contain images, audio and video files.
  • These files are saved in your phone memory and consume a lot of space.
  • Earlier in the previous post, I suggested an app to delete these junk of WhatsApp.

Uninstall Unused Apps:

  • If you are like me, who install a lot of apps that pique your interest.
  • But rarely reopen them, these apps only exist on your Android device, and eat up valuable space.
  • Files Go can find apps that have not been used for the past four weeks.
  • But to use this feature, you have to give Files Go access to use your app.

Find and Remove Duplicates:

  • There can be many reasons for duplicate files in your phone.
  • But WhatsApp is the biggest reason.
  • You must have noticed that the same kind of images and videos come from many groups.

Perhaps the worst thing about this is that you often don’t know that your device’s storage is full of these duplicates. Fortunately, Files Go includes an in-built tool to find and remove these duplicate files. It searches duplicate photos, videos and all types of documents.

To start, tap on the free up at the bottom of the duplicate files.

4) Clear App Cache:

  • It’s no secret that media apps like Facebook and Instagram take up a lot of space on your phone’s storage space.
  • Thankfully, unlike iOS, Android lets you manually clean the app cache.
  • But Files Go takes it a step further

Instead of manually cleaning the cache of each app, it lets you clean the cache of all apps at once.

5) Delete Large Files:

  • Often, we store large files in our smartphones, and later forget that they exist.
  • Files Go shows you a list of all the large files that are consuming valuable space on your device.
  • You can be surprised just how useful it is when visiting this feature.

6) Share Files With Nearby Devices:

  • Along with all the file manager features above, you also get the facility to share files with nearby devices.
  • To send a file, switch to the Files tab and tap Send.

Files by Google App


In this article, we told you about Google files today. How can you use google files so that your phone Mai is not a junk file and your phone works fast like a new phone. And with the help of this app, you could share files to anyone. We are sure that you would have liked this article.
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