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Google Photos Review 2020

Google Photos

About the article:

Google Photos – In  olden times, people used to store their data in hard disk, DVD and pen drive. Although many people still use the same old methods. But now technology has increased greatly and today is the time of cloud storage, cloud storage means storing your data online.

If you are an Android user or have a Gmail account. So you can store your photos and videos online for a lifetime with Google Photos, nowadays everyone is using Gmail.

Google provides a lot of free services to its users for which other companies charge. In this blog post you will learn how to save photos in Google Photos, in Google Photos, you can always save your photos as well as videos. Can be saved and kept. So come to know about Google photos.

About Google Photos

What is google photos?

Google Photo is an online service created by Google company, in which we can store and store all our photos and videos as well as share them. In a way, it works like a backup of our photos. Whatever photos we save in Google Photo are always safe, even if it is deleted from our mobile.

The biggest feature of Google Photo is that it analyzes the photo on its own and organizes it properly. So that the user does not have any problem in finding that photo.

If you want to know what is the full form of Google Photo? So let us tell you that Google Photo Ka Full Form is nothing. It is known only in its full form.

Here you know that Google Photo Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai. Now let us show you how Google Photo works

How to download Application?

  • To download Google Photos, first of all go to the Play Store, go there, click on the search button
  • And after clicking on Google Photos, Google Photos, you will see an install icon. Click on that icon to download.
  • Now your application has been downloaded, after downloading it you will find it on your home screen.

Google Photos

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

How to use this application:

To use this appor other Google services, you need a Google Account ie Gmail ID. If you are an Android user then your Gmail ID will already be created, if not you can click here How to create ID

This app should be understood first because many users do not take into account some important things in a hurry. Due to which they lose their photos or videos. Below you have been told how to use Google Photos well, as well as some important things related to it.

Step 1 – After opening this app on your phone. This app has to be allowed to store photos and media from your phone. For which click on the Allow button. Then on the bottom of “Turn on Backup” to take Backup Button has to be clicked.

Step 2 – After clicking the Backup button, a new dashboard will open in front of you. There are 2 main settings options, first of which there is 3 option for the quality of photos and videos you want to upload to Google Photos. Original Quality, High Quality and Express inshot

– Original Quality –

In this, the photo or video you click on from your phone will be uploaded to Google Photos. Meaning if a photo is 10MB it will be uploaded to 10MB, but keep in mind that only 15 GB After that you get the free store and have to buy the store from Google.

– High Quality – It has free unlimited storage, here you can store as many photos and videos, Google’s technology compresses the photo to 16 MP. if you have a photo that is 25 MP then it is here It will automatically be 16 MP after the store.

– In this option you can save and keep HD video. However there is no visible difference in the quality of the photo, just the size of the photo changes.

– Express – In this option the photo is compressed to 3 MP, with this option you can store the video in MP4 i.e. 480p.

More About Google Photos

Step 3 – In this step, you can select how many MB of your mobile data you want to use for uploading photos or videos on this app every day. Many times it happens that you click a lot of photos but Of them, you like only a few and you delete them from your phone. But by then the photos have been uploaded to Google and your data is also exhausted.
For this, you select 30 MB every day or according to your need, if you are using WiFi, then in that case it will not be applicable and all photos or videos will start to be backed up. You can also change it later.

Step 4 – After doing this your photos and videos will start being saved in this. You can click on your photo in the top right side corner to see how many photos are left to be backed up, below this. The photo saved in thishas also been given the option to delete them, you are given the free up button You can delete them from your phone by clicking on them.

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Google Photos On App Store

[appbox appstore screenshots google-photos/id962194608]


Hopefully by reading this post, you must have understood the meaning of this app. Now if someone asks you about this feature of Google, what is Google Photo

If you do, then you will be able to easily tell and use it properly to keep your photos safe.

Thank you for reading this article!



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