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Google play store 

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Hello friends, Google play store  Today we will tell you about how to download Play Store in this post. And also you will know about what is the Google Play Store, we hope you will like all our posts.

Do you want to know how to download Play Store in your Android phone. then you have come to the right place, we will explain you in detail about our post Play Store Download.

Today you will get Android Mobile with all the people and all people can do a lot of work online from home. Through Android phones like – Recharge, Electricity Bill Payment, Money Transfer Etc. The most app downloads in the whole world are from the Google Play Store, from the Play Store, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Etc. Can be downloaded.

Play Store is a service of Google where you will find many apps which you can search and download from the Play Store on your Android Phone.

All the work has become easy through the Google Play Store. We can tell you that you can download the Android App for any Android mobile from the Google Play Store. So let’s know what is the Google Play Store and how to update Google Play Store in Android phone.

What is Google play store:

The Play Store is a service provided by Google, where you must first create a Google Account to use any Google service.

If you have a Gmail ID, you will have to provide a Gmail ID to create a Google Account. Once a Google Account is created, you will not have to create an account for the Play Store separately.

It is the largest platform in the world, in addition to downloading apps on the Play Store, you can upload any of your Android apps, but for this you will have to pay Google, you can also download Free Apps and Paid Apps from the Play Store. Ho Paid Apps means that you have to pay for downloading premium apps.

Ranking of is 4.0. The number of people installing Play Store is more than 5,000,000,000, so do you have to download the Store, then let us tell you.

How to download?

There are many people who want to install the Play Store in their phones. because many times accidentally the Play Store is uninstalled from us, then we do not know how to download the Store again, then you don’t have to worry because Downloading is very easy.

If you do not know how to download the Play Store, then we will tell you how to download the Play Store which you can download the Play Store by following it, so let’s know about it.

Download Link
Play Store already comes in all Android phones, if not, then you can download the Play Store from Google from the link given by us.

Google play store 

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

After downloading, the Symbol of the  Store will come under your mobile screen.

Add A Google Account
Click on it, after that you will be asked to add a Google Account, that means you have to put a Gmail Id on it.

Existing Or Select New
If you have Gmail ID then Existing and if not, then select New.

Enter Gmail ID & Password
Here we select Existing, then we have to do Next by entering Gmail ID and Password there.

Then you will get a message, Ok, then you have to do Next.

Payment Details
Then he will ask you for payment details.

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After this you will receive a message, you have to accept it, now your  Store will open.

How to install Play Store?

We told you about Store Download step by step, you can install the store in your mobile by following those steps, for this, first go to the Setting Menue of the phone and enable the Unknown Source of Security Option.

How to update play store?

Do you want to update your Play Store, you can update your store and all other apps by following our steps mentioned.

  1. Open your this first.
  2. There, you will see a menu on the Left Hand Side and click on it.
  3. clicks you will see the My Apps & Games option, click on it.
  4. After this you have to click on Update All Option in the next step.
  5. Update All Button will bring you the option of App Permission. Press that Button.
  6. Now your App will start being updated and after they are updated, you can use those apps.


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