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KineMaster App

About the article:

KineMaster App – In today’s time, there are so many editing software available for smartphones, but if you talk about the best and easiest software.

Then that is kinemaster friends, do you also want to make videos on Youtube etc. and are looking for a good app for that. So today we are going to tell you about one such app using which you can do very good video editing on your smartphone.

Today you will know what a kinemaster is and how to use it. And about kinemaster pro

About the application:

What is kinemaster?

KineMaster is a very professional video editing software that is used by thousands of YouTubers today. This is the best editing software for smartphones today.

The best part of it is that it is easy to use and with this you can create very good and professional videos. Earlier this app was only available for android but currently it is available for both Android and iOS.

Meaning if you are an iPhone user, you can still use this app. This app provides you many features such as chroma key, hardwriting, 3d transition etc. You can also change the background of green screen video.

How to download the application?

To download Kinemaster app, first go to the Play Store, go there and click on the search button, and after clicking on type kinemaster, kinemaster you will see an install icon.

Click on that icon to download. Now your application has been downloaded, after downloading it you will find it on your home screen.

KineMaster App

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

How to use this application?

First click on this plus button and select the video’s Ratio. If you are making videos for YouTube then you should choose 16: 9

After selecting Ratio, a screen will open in front of you. Select the media option here.

Now from here you can choose the video you want to edit.

You can add various effects to your video by going to the option of layer, you can use any other image or video as a layer, in addition to that you can also type something on your video. And you can also put many types of stickers on your videos.

At first you will find it a little difficult to run this app but as you use kinemaster, you will learn how to run it even better.

Features of kinemaster App:

Come on, we know about some of the features of kinemaster app.

chroma key This is the best and a major feature of this app. If you want to make a video with a good background, then this feature is very important for that.

Earlier this feature used to be on computer only, but now through kinemaster you can use this feature on smartphone too. For this you will need a green screen.

You will get a green screen at Amazon, Flip-kart quite cheaply. You first have to shoot the video by standing in front of the green screen, now to change the background of this video, first of all-

  • Download your favourite background from the internet and import it into kinemaster.
  • Now go to the media layer and select the video shot with your green screen.
  • Now go to the Chrome key and select the green colour and enable the ‌ chrome key.
  • Now the colour of the green screen will be removed and your background will be replaced instead.
  • Handwriting allows you to draw anything on your video.
  • All you have to do is import your video into the master. Now go to
  • the option of Layer and select handwriting and now you can draw anything on your video.

Transition effects In this app you get many transition effects. The transition effects are applied between two different video clips. This makes the video quite good.

You get many transition effects in the kinemaster app. Some are already available in Kaine Master and some you have to download. You also have to pay to download some.

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What can you make on Kinemaster?

Key Master is a complete editing software by itself. You can use it in many ways, inside it you can edit wedding video. slideshow can create videos. If you want, you can also edit a documentary in it.

But it is most used to make videos on YouTube. In this, you can make very professional videos. In this you can also create intro for your channel. This is the best software available on smartphone for Youtube.

That’s why thousands of YouTubers use this app today.

So friends, in this article today, we learned what is the master app and how to use it. Hope you liked this article. If you liked this article, then share it with your family and your friends.

[appbox appstore screenshots kinemaster-video-editor/id1223932558]


Yes friends, how was our post today, today we told you what are kinemaster video editing app ?, benefits ?, features and prices etc. We have learned about it.

I hope you have liked and understood, because today we have given you new and updated information in simple language. We hope that many of your questions have been answered today as well.

This users interface of Kinemaster Video Editing Apps. Very easy so that anyone.

This application can not  take time. And can do video editing on Fast Kinemaster.

If you have any question in your mind, you can ask us by commenting in the Comment Box. We will do our best to help you.

Thank you for reading our post!

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