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About the article:

PayPal – Today, there is a lot of online payment service which after purchasing the goods, makes its price easy and secure online payment through its Debit / Credit Card or bank account.

Wallet is many better and safer online payment service than all those online payment service and in today’s post we will tell you how This works.

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Now you must be thinking that there are many other features for making online payment, but let us tell you that there is no simplicity like This.

Wallet is the best way to send and receive payments. So let’s know what This is and how it works and complete information about PayPal in Hindi.

About the application:

What is PayPal?

This is an American company. Which started around 1998-99. It offers its service to the people through its website and PayPal Android App.

Through This any common person or any merchant can send money and receive money from anywhere across the world to anyone (having a PayPal Account). Paypal is very popular in many countries including India.

We can transfer money online by This sign up. Along with this, PayPal also provides the facility of direct payment and money transfer from bank account.

How to download application?

If you want to download  then for this you have to download this app from Play Store, this app is easily available on Play Store. To download this app, you follow the points given below.

  • ✦ First of all, open the Play Store in your mobile
  • Now search This using the search option
  • Now download this app in your mobile
  • After downloading, install this app in your phone
  • Now you can use this app with ease.

How to use this application?

We can use This account on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. Apart from this, we can also use it by installing PayPal Android App.

We have to use our email address to create a This account. This e-mail is also our This Id. After this, we have to enter the complete information of our debit and credit card.

Remember, we can send or receive money to the same person who has a This account. PayPal transfers money from our bank account, for this PayPal also deducts commission.

How to create PayPal account?

To create a account, follow the steps given below, through which you can create a This account.

Step 1. Go To Website
First of all you have to go to its website

Step 2. Select Option
Here you will get 3 options, you have to select one of them.

Step 3. Enter Your Details
After this you have to enter all your details which will be as follows –

Enter Your Name – Full Name (on pen card)
Enter Mobile Number – Mobile number (linked to bank account)
Address – Complete address (including PIN code)
Date Of Birth – Enter your date of birth (D.O.B.). After entering all these details, click on Agree & Create Account.

Step 4. Enter Debit Card Details
After this, a window will open on your screen, in which you will be asked for your debit and credit card information like –

Card Number – Debit and Credit Card Full Number
Expiry Date – Debit and Credit Card Validity Date
CVV – CVV number of debit and credit card

If you want to pay someone from your bank account, you can give debit and credit card information and if you do not want to give your debit and credit card information now, click on Link Link My Card Later.

So take your This account is ready.

PayPal Account Types

The types of PayPal account are explained to you next, know about its types.

Individual account

We are also called Personal Account Individual Account. Through this account, we can send and receive money from one PayPal account to another This account. It does not ask for your debit and credit card information.

Business Account

This PayPal Account is used by the merchant (Business Man). If your business is spread across the world outside the country, then you can create an account on it and anywhere in the world, you can send an invoice to your customer and get money from it.

How To Use PayPal In India

You have learned to create a  account, but how to use  account has been explained further.

Send And Request

If you want to send money to someone, then log in to  Account and go to Send And Request and enter the email address of the person receiving the money.

After this, put the amount you want to send, then click on Send. So your money transfer is done through online bank account.

Payment Method

If you shop online and want to transfer the money you bought online through PayPal, then all you have to do is select PayPal in the Payment Method and enter your PayPal account.


So friends, you can transfer money to anyone sitting at home and if you go shopping, then you will not even need to carry much money with you. You can make Secure Payment only through Paypal. Friends tell your friends too

How to use Paypal Payment Gateway

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