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Skype App

About the article:

Skype App  – Today we will tell you Skype (Kya Hai) and Skype Par Account (Kaise Banaye). Because in today’s time Skype has become very popular and usefull app.

Friends, today is the age of the Internet, from shopping to bill payment, we also do it through the Internet, because the Internet saves our time along with hard work, apart from many social applications today, your friends, You can also talk to your relatives.

By the way, many applications have been made today through which you can do calling and video calling, but most of all the quality of the app is either very poor, or there is a connectivity problem, which wastes both our data and time. Are there.

But friends, today we will tell you about an app named Skype! Yes friends Skype is an app whose video calling quality is the best, through Skype you can also do audio calling.

About the application:

What is Skype App?

Skype is a software through which you can do audio or video calling for free. Skype also runs on the phone, so it means that we can run skype on our mobile as well, and can connect to any person sitting in any corner of the world. You can also talk via skype.

The special thing about Skype is that Skype specializes in video and audio calling, it is a great software for making video audio calls. Skype was bought by Microsoft some time ago, so that its position and quality have improved in the market.

According to Wikipedia in Skype 2014, about 40% of people use Skype for international calling. The reason for this is that ISD calls are very expensive, and calls to mobile or landline by skype are very cheap, but skype to skype call is absolutely free.

In 2014, Skype to mobile and landline feature has been removed in India. But you can still make Skype-to-Skype calls or International mobile and landline calls.

Skype application is available for both computer and mobile, so let’s learn how to download Skype in this article today.

How to download application?

To download Skype, first go to the Play Store, go there and click on the search button and after typing Skype, you will see an install icon after clicking on Skype. Click on that icon to download. Now your application has been downloaded, after downloading it you will find it on your home screen.

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

How to use this application?

To use Skype, first open your skype skype ko, after open
Now a login form will come up. Since we do not have a login id, we will click on Create new account for the candidate.

Now a form will come on the next page, by filling it, we can create our Skype id.

Fill your name and email first.

Now fill the rest of your information.

Your Skype id will appear in Skype Name. You can contact each other only on this ID. Your id should be different, if the id of your name is not available, then you can see it by adding some number with the name. Enter your password after typing Skype Name.

Now fill what you see written in the photo in the box below, and click on I agree – Continue.

Features of this application?

Skype allows users to communicate both through voice and more traditional speech instant messaging. Voice chat allows both a single user to make a call and a conference call.

It uses a proprietary codec. Skype’s text chat client allows group chats, emoticons, storage of chat history, offline messaging and editing of previous messages (in recent versions). Common aspects of instant messaging features familiar to users, such as user profiles, online status indicators, etc. are also included.

A suspended feature called Skype casting “allowed Skype voice over IP voice calls to be recorded and teleconferences to be used as podcasts that allow audio or video content to be organised on the Internet. Skype Launched its “Skype casts Beta” service in 2006. It remained in beta until its end.

Skype casts hosted public conference calls of up to 100 people at a time. Unlike ordinary Skype p2p conference calls , Supported moderation features suitable for Skype casts, panel discussions, lectures, and town hall forums.

Skype app operated a directory of public Skype app casts. On August 26, 2008, Skype announced that Skype casts would be issued on September 1. Will close in early 2008. [15] Skype casts were shut down at 12:00 UTC on 1 September 2008 without any concrete details.

In late 2009 Skype called Power for Gamers [S4PG] The company announced that a client and server resource The Kip add-on will be released that will enable Skype end-users to host their own “Skypecast-like” auto-conference rooms.

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