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Snapseed App

About the article:

Snapseed App – Hello everyone, so today we are talking about a superb editing application name snapseed App .This is a mobile application which used to edit pictures in mobile easily just you need to capture open in snapseed app and here you go.

In this article we show you step by step the process how you download this application and how easily you can use this app in your smartphone what its features and many more . So without any delay let’s start this topic .

About the application :

Snapseed app it’s a easy mobile app which used to edit pictures and help to give them a look which you thinking. About with its wonderful features in today’s date it’s a very popular app in the world.

Because it’s a free app you just need to install it in your device and you can use it this app having very interesting features. And we explain you all later in this article it’s used by many photographers and many professional.

Also use it sometimes to quick edit and also it’s having a very less size and you can use it. Anywhere anytime so without any further late let’s download this application and learn to edit some awesome pictures.

How to download application :

: Open play in your mobile phone
:Tap on the search bar type Snapseed app and search
: Tap on snapseed app icon
:In right side you find a install button tap on that it’s take some time to install
:When installation complete you get a notification .

Snapseed App

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.niksoftware.snapseed]

How to use it:

Lets tap on the icon of snapseed app from the menu of your mobile now you can see a plus icon like this. Just tap on that plus sign and now you can choose or import your picture in snapseed app.

Which you want to edit then you see your picture in Snapseed with its interface where you see three tabs in bottom side . Styles , tools and export .

Let’s start with tab styles in bottom left side where a bit up you see different filters. In this tab which you can use to edit your picture just simply tapping on it .

Then in bottom you see a another tab of tools option where you get so many tools to edit your picture and give your image a wonderful look as you want .

Then in bottom right you see a tab of export from where you can export or save your image. Into your device after completing your editing work now you are ready to share it with the world.

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Features of Snapseed App:

Tune image – selects Brightness, Ambience, Contrast, Saturation, Shadows, and Warmth set in the image via tune image. And select fast.

Then we move left-right with the finger in the image, so that the photo is set according to the option selected, to save it, click on the right tick below.

Curve: – You can increase or decrease the brightness of the image by using curve option. And you can change the RGB color image.

White balance: – Through the color of the image, balance can be made.

Crop: – Photo is cropped by crop. We can do whatever we need to cut or crop the photo.

Rotate: – You can rotate the image through rotate option.

Perspective: – Through the perspective option, you can rotate the image and move up and down in the right left.

[su_youtube url=””]

Expand: –

Through the expand option you can set the background of the image to black & white and smart. The background is set as image via smart.

Selective: – You can reduce or increase the brightness by selecting the image through selective option. For this, swipe the slider above the screen with the finger left or right.

Brushe: – Brush is given to the image by the brushe option, through which you can increase or decrease the brightness. Swip left or right to adjust the value.

Vintage: – Swipe left or right slider above to adjust Velu by selecting Brightness, Saturation, Texture Strength, Center Size, and Style through the vintage option.

Drama: – By drama option, Filter select Strength and Saturation and swip left or right to adjust the value.

HDR scape: –

Through HDR scape option you can set Filter Strength, Brightness, Saturation, and Smoothing and after selecting, swip left or right to adjust the value.

Text: – Many types of text font available in Text option. That use in Image.

Frame: – You can apply frame in image by frame option.

Vignette: – The outer brightness and inner brightness set  through vignette option.

Double exposure: – This option uses the image in the background. In which we can darken the colour, blur the image.

Blure: – You can blure the image through the blure option. It contain of Blur Strength, Transition. And Vignette Strength option.

In this way, using many types of tools in the image, click on the export option and save the image. In this way, you can share the image by making it effective.

[appbox appstore screenshots snapseed/id439438619]


In this article, today we have told you about how to use karna and how to download this application or what are its features. Using which you can make your photo look great.

Hopefully you will get a lot of information about snapseed app by reading this article. And after reading this article, you can use it properly to edit your photo well and then share it with everyone.

Stay tuned with us to read such excellent and informative article. And in the comment section, definitely tell us how you liked our article.
Thank you very much for reading this article!

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