StreamKar App Review 2020

StreamKar App Review

Do you believe that we all have a hidden singer?

StreamKar App – With StarMaker you and I can bring out the singer inside us.
So today we will tell you about this app. With which you can bring out your singing talent.

The name of this app is Star Maker by which you can find yourself full of confidence by singing songs. Because it happens to most people that they want to sing, but they are unable to sing due to lack of lyrics and no background music.

But with the help of this app, you will get lyrics of every song and also an instrument. . So with the help of this app you can make your singing even better. So without delay, let’s know what is this star maker and how can we use it?

StreamKar App:

StarMaker is a popular singing app and music community with 50M + users worldwide, singing free karaoke songs and making friends through music now! No matter if you like Pop, Hip hop or folk.

Just choose your favourite songs from millions of songs, sing with high quality backing music and rolling songs, edit your recordings with sound effects and video filters. , And share it on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You can also duet with Top Artist and sing together with your group of friends.
Or go live to broadcast your concerts and win fans and fans like Superstars!

How to download the application:

To download Starmaker, first of all go to the Play Store, go there, click on the search button, and after clicking on Starmaker, Starmaker, you will see an install icon.

Click on that icon to download. Now your application has been downloaded, after downloading it you will find it on your home screen.

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[appbox googleplay screenshots com.thankyo.hwgame]

How to use this application:

  • To use this application, first click on your Starmaker app.
  • After clicking, you select your language.
  • After this, we come to the home page. And you will get some kind of interface dekhne ko.
  • There are many options on the home page. Like- momenet, party, sing, message, me.
  • By clicking on me option, they login with phone number, facebook, google and gmail.
  • We login to Starmaker from fb, in which our profile, name starts appearing, which we can also edit.
  • So that we login successfully in starmaker.
  • Now we know how to sing a song in a starmaker.

After login in Starmaker, now click on sing option of home page.
Due to which we have many option free style, collab, daily task, my songs, take the mic, vocal talents, sing party etc.
In daily task you get some tasks which are rewarded upon completion. So you can sing the song using all these options.
In my song you can see the song you recorded. Now let us know about its features.

Features Of StreamKar App:

1. Create room:

  • You can create your own room using the option to take a mic and invite your friends in it.

2. Collab:

  • You can choose collab songs from the option with collab.
  • Collab means to sing a song in collab with anyone from here.

3. Now we see lots of songs in recommend, hot, trending, new.

4. Song search:

  • And if we are not showing your song here, then you can also search for it by writing its name in search.

5.  Sing

Whenever you want to sing a song in your voice, click on sing in front of it.
– Which gives us three options.

  1. Solo, join collab, start collab Out of these option, if we want to sing alone, then select solo option.
  2. Join Collab:
  3. And if we want to join a collab in a song sung by someone, then select join collab.
  4. Start Collab:
  5. And if you want someone to collab with your sung songs, then select option of start collab.
  6. In this, we record the song with an earphone.
  7. After some process, we click on the Start button given below.
  8. The lyrics of the song are visible.
  9. According to the music we play in it, we record the song by singing.
  10.  Now we can add many effects to the song. And you can also set the volume.
  11. Now once the song is recorded, click on the finish button.
  12. Accordingly, according to our voice, some points and a, b, c, d are given grades in this way. Are given
  13. Which we can also share. And can delete also.

Also Available on App Store

[appbox appstore screenshots streamkar-live-video-chat/id1182923162]


In this article, we told you about what is the StarMaker App. You can also sing your favourite songs using this app. And can be famous. This app is very good for those interested in music.
Thank you for reading our article!

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