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Telegram App

About the article:

Telegram app – If you are asked which social app you use the most, you will probably say that WhatsApp or Facebook. But there is an app that is more than this and is ruling many countries today. Its characteristics are unique.

Social media are an unbreakable part of our lives today. Even if you don’t want to, you must be using one social app. Because they play a big role in your work and life.

Today there are many social media apps on the Internet. But there is an app which, despite being profitable, has been ignored to some extent. That is Telegram.
In this article you will learn about the same, what is telegram? So let’s start without delay.

About the application:

What is telegram?

Telegram App is a messaging app that provides Cloud based Messaging and Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) service. Hindi meaning of telegram is ‘news of wire’. You can download it from any app store and use it to convey your message to them in a moment.

Telegram kya hai?
It is based on the cloud, ie the data of this app will be stored on a Telegram server instead of your device. So far this app has been downloaded more than 400 million times.

For example, if you want to send a message to 200 Whatsapp contacts, then you can create new broadcasts and add those 200 members to that list! And now you type that message in the broadcast list created and send it! So it will reach 200 users in one go.

But the major difference between Telegram Channel and Whatsapp Broadcasting feature is that you can add up to 200 members in Whatsapp Broadcasting! But there is no limit to add Members to Telegram channel.

Yes, yes, amazing feature! Friends, if there are 200 members in your Telegram channel, then after that any person can join your Telegram channel through Public or Private link!

How to download application?

To download Telegram, first go to the Play Store, go there, click on the search button, and after clicking on Telegram, Telegram you will see an install icon. Click on that icon to download. Now your application has been downloaded, after downloading it you will find it on your home screen.

Telegram App

[appbox googleplay screenshots org.telegram.messenger]

How to use this application?

If you want to create your Telegram Account, then you can make it according to the steps given below.

  1. Open your mobile App Store like Android’s Google Play Store.
  2. Now search by typing Telegram.
  3. After the search is complete, install Telegram.
  4. Once installed, open Telegram.
  5. After opening 5Telegram, click on Start Messaging.
  6. Then select Country (India) and type your mobile number, from which you want to create your account and click on the right tick.
  7. After that, a message will come on the mobile number you wrote, in which a code will be written.
  8. Now write that code and click on Done tick.
  9. After that type your full name and click on Done tick.
  10. Now your Telegram Account has been created.
  11. If you want to create your Telegram Account from Pc, then first you go to Telegram’s website.
  12. Then select native app according to the operating system of your Pc and download and then create your account according to the steps given above.

Features of this application?

1. Secret Chats
Although the entire telegram application is good in terms of user privacy, but one feature is secret chat.

With this help, users can do private chatting and this chat is not saved on Telegram’s server. This is a great feature for users who like privacy.

2. Telegram Channels
The channel is one of the main reasons why people want to use Telegram the most.

Telegram app channel is very helpful where creators can create their own content and add people to it. There are many more reasons why telegram channels are used. Telegram can add unlimited members to the channel, that is, there are no restrictions on the number of members.

Telegram channels are of two types; Public and Private Channels.

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Public Telegram Channel: These are publicly available. Anyone can search and join them by searching on the Internet.

– Private Telegram Channel: 46 are not publicly available and no one can directly join them. To join it, it is necessary to have an invite link or the admin can directly add someone to it.

3. Telegram Groups
Like other messaging apps, Telegram also has a group option, but it is advanced and has more features.

Telegram can add up to two lakh members to the group, which is amazing and is very important for a large community or company. Admins of different rights can be made in it.

4. Large file size limit

If you want to send large files to someone, you can send files up to 2 GB in Telegram while no other messaging app is near it.

5. This cloud storage is based.
The biggest advantage of having a cloud based app is that a user can access all messages from any device while WhatsApp does not.

Day in whats app

Ta is saved in mobile, due to which you cannot access old messages when you open the same WhatsApp in another device. If it is to be accessed, then it is necessary to backup in Google Drive or iCloud while Telegram provides this facility without any additional hassle.

6. Self Customisation
Telegram comes with many customisation options which is absent from many of its competitors. In this, you can make a lot of changes related to the dominant app colour choose, how Telegram opens the link, whether it is UI animation or not.

Also, it has an amazing feature of chat bot integration which you can use to improve the telegram experience.

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I sincerely hope that I have given you what Telegram is? And how does it work? Gave full information about and I hope you guys have understood what is Telegram and how to download Telegram app.

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