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Tumblr App

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Tumblr App – There was a time that people considered writing as a very small work, according to them there is no money in writing. But today the world of internet has increased a lot today. Today, every type of information through the internet, many people are making money through blogging today and providing information to people through their blogs.

If you also have different types of information and want to reach people, then we tell you about a great platform. We will tell you to make a blog for free with the help of Tumblr platform.

In addition to blogging, there are many features from which you can make your blog better.

About the application?

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a famous micro blogging site launched in 2007 by David Karo. Also known as a popular social site, its lead designer is Marco Arment. Tumblr is being used in blog promotion in addition to writing blogs. This makes the blog easier to reach more and more readers.

Tumblr is a platform on which you can create your blog and website page. One important thing is that on this you will not have to pay money to make a blog, that means it is absolutely free. You can also add Links, Video, Images, Audio to it.

In 2013 tumblr became part of Yahoo. On tumble we can also post audio, video, text, quotes, links, besides it has a chat option so that we can easily chat with any reader or blogger.

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How to download the application?

If you want to download Tumblr, for this you have to download this app from Play Store, this app is easily available on Play Store. To download this app, you follow the points given below.

  • First of all, open the Play Store in your mobile
  • Search Tumblr using the search option
  • Now download this app in your mobile After downloading, install this app in your phone
  • You can use this app with ease.

[appbox googleplay screenshots net.one97.paytm]

How to create account on Tumblr?

If you are interested in blogging and are serious about it, then first create an account on tumblr. The steps of which are given below.

Go to website

First of all you have to go to Tumblr’s website Tumblr.Com. For this, go to Google search and search Tumblr.com.

touch on log in

After visiting the website, you will get the option of Log In, click on it.

Fill your details as follows

Email – Enter your Email Address in it.
Password – Enter the password for your account.
Username – Enter the name by whatever name you want to create an account here.
Sign Up – After filling all the information, click on the option of Sign Up.

Enter your age

After clicking on Sign Up, you will get the option of Age in which you will be asked about your age, here you have to fill your age.

Terms of service

Check the terms of service and click on Next.

Strengths not a robot

After clicking on Next, the Captcha will appear in front of you and mark the check on I Am Not A Robot. After this, click on Almost Done.

Select Categories

After filling the captcha, a new page will open in front of you, which will say What’r You Into, in which you have to select 5 categories of your choice and click on Next.

Verify your email

Now you have to verify your email, for that click on the message you will get and verify your email.

Click This Is Me!

Here you have to click on the green line. After this you will get a notification of Tumblr, in this you have to click on the option of This Is Me. Your email will be verified as soon as you click on it.

Skip to your dashboard

Now your account has been created on Tumblr, click on Skip To Your Dashboard. So in this way you can create your account on Tumblr, after which you will be able to create your blog for free. Now you have created an account, but if you start writing a blog, then you also give information about it in the step.

How to start writing a blog on Tumbler – step by step

Open Your Account

First of all, you have to open your Tumblr Account.

Click Make A Post

Now on the dashboard of Tumblr you will find the option of Make A Post, click on it.

Select Post

Choose whichever category you want, meaning on which topic or issue you want to write a blog.

Add Other Options

Write your post here, when you have completed your post, then click on the option of the post. With this, if you want to put some kind of links, images, video or audio in your post, then you can click on these options.

Tumblr App

[appbox appstore screenshots umblr/id305343404]

How to edit customize Tumbler blog?

  • Click on the account icon.
  • Now click on Settings menu for account setting.
  • If you want to edit the name of the blog, then click on the blog logo.
  • Click on the edit appearance menu for the blog appearance edit.
  • change cover image- From here you can customise the blog cover photo.
  • Blog description- From here you can write a description of your blog.
  • change accent color – By clicking on it you can choose any colour from your choice.
  • Change background color- You can choose this option to change the background colour.
  • save changes- Choose this option to save everything.

How to create Free Blog on Tumblr?

You have created your account on Tumblr app but your work is not completed yet. If you want you to post any information by writing on it, then you will also have to make a free blog on it. We are telling you step by step below how to create a free blog on Tumblr.

First of all, you have to open your Tumblr Account.

After this, go to the dashboard of Tumblr App. Here you will get the option of Make a post, click on it.

Now you have to decide what kind of post you want to make. You can select it.

Now write your post, when you write your post completely then after that some options come in which you can put text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and video in your post.

In this way you can create an account on Tumbler and make a blog on it for free. If you want to do free blogging, then you want to give information on new issues to people, then this platform is very good for you.


Friends, today we told you about tumbler, what is Tumblr hota and how can we use it. And we told how you can download Tumblr app in your phone, and how you can bna your account on Tumblr app, and we told how you can write blog for free. Hopefully we will be able to explain to you what Tumblr is and you will like our article. If you liked our article, then definitely share it with your friends and give your reviews comment section mai. Thank you very much for reading our article!

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